What is it?

The purpose of our Summer Reading Program is to encourage Adults to check out and read books during the summer!

We also provide free, fun, and educational activities.

When is it? 

Monday, May 16th-Friday, July 29th. Sign-up and begin reading starting May 23rd. Sign up for programs begins June 1, 2022.

Adult Programming begins the week of June 18th, sign-up will be required for all activities.

Download Documents:

Adult Summer Reading Program Events | Adult Summer Reading Challenge

How does it work? 

Receive a reading challenge form to record the books read and the challenges completed. You may begin reading as soon as you sign up for the program. Raffle tickets will be earned for the books you read, and the challenges you complete.

In order to receive your raffle ticket(s) bring your challenge form to the library anytime for a staff member to tally and initial.  Place your ticket(s) in an adult prize box of your choosing.

Our End of Summer Reading Potluck will be held Friday, July 29th at 6pm, SRP prize drawing will be at the potluck. You do NOT need to be present to win.

June 18, Saturday @ 10:00 AM 

Make 3 Beautiful Christmas Cards

June 24, Friday @ 10:00 AM

Make a Beachy Ocean Ornament

June 29, Wednesday @ 5:30 PM

Protecting Animals from Plastic Pollution Lecture and Dinner

Make a Hanging Air Plant Terrarium (First 11 people)

July 8, Friday @ 10:00 AM

Hand Craft a Cup/Mug @ Washington Street Studio

July 15, Friday @ 5:30 PM

Play Velma's Christmas Bingo and Dinner Included

July 23, Saturday @ 10:00 AM

Make a Pearl Necklace

July 29, Friday @ 6:00 PM

Potluck: Let's Discuss the Great Books we Read Over the Summer, Bring a Dish and Win Some Door Prizes!

These events are open to all adult members of the library.

Please sign up by calling or in person as seating is limited.

June 1, 2022 @ 10:00 AM sign up begins!

  • Complete as many challenges as you can. This form is due  July 29, 2022.
  • Have the chance to win a summer reading prize.  Drawing will be held July 29, 2022. You do not have to be present at the drawing to win.
  • Please write your answers on the back of the Summer Reading Challenge Form and send your water photo to information@bhfpl.org
  1. Place tally marks on this form for each grown up book read this summer.
  2. Check out & read a children's book about an ocean creature.
  3. Copy your favorite seafood recipe on the card provided and submit it with this form.
  4. Write a lyric from a beach song.
  5. Write 3 sentences on what you could do to help clean up our waterways.
  6. Send us a picture of you next to a body of water.
  7. Check out and Read a book with an ocean connection.
  8. Name a plant found in the ocean and its medicinal purpose.
  9. Find a seashell in the library, bring it to the front desk and we will sign your challenge form.
  10. Write a book review on a post it* and leave it in the Library stacks.

Support organizations with a mission to clean up our waterways:

Participate in your own waterway clean up:

Find more information on websites:

If you would like to see the entire presentation click Gently Down the Stream.

The library, in collaboration with Jefferson County Parks & Rec., Potomac Valley Audubon Society, and Bolivar Bread Bakery, are hosting a Turkey Trot from November 14-30, 2022.

Your goal is to complete all 5 trails. Collect a sticker from each trailhead and the bakery to place on your Trot Form. To be included in the the prize drawing, return your completed form by December 1st. Submit your form at the library or email a photo to information@bhfpl.org. Winners will be announced on December 2, 2022.